Bindon Illustration presents a unique portfolio of art that captures the life of Władysław Gnyś as seen through the eyes of his son, Stefan. This photo-biography offers a personal and intimate look into the life of a military veteran, brought to life through breathtaking illustrations that tell the story of a man who lived through history.


by Stefan Gnyś

A selected portfolio of art for the photo-biography from the son of Wladek Gnyś
All images ~ pencil, digital black & white

Back Story:
I was a student in high school in the late 1970’s. Stefan was a teacher of geography and as a favourite instructor, I attended a few classes with him. In those early years I was pursuing my art interests, naturally, and in my last year of high school, Stefan commissioned me to do a painting of his father shooting down a Stuka dive bomber… unaware at that time that his dad was a WWII fighter pilot in the Polish Airforce. Stefan’s mother was in the process of writing a biography of her husband’s life story.and this is when I became fully aware of the momentous event of Sept 1, 1939. Władysław Gnyś witnessed the first fatal casualty of the war [his squadron commander Capt Wedwecky] just minutes into the invasion and then minutes later he himself became credited with the first kills of the German military shooting down two Dornier bombers. We kept in touch a little bit after my high school graduation in 1978. Some years later in late November 2012 a chance phone call from a ‘former geography’ teacher and a meeting in December led to this project.

Stefan was writing a sequal to ‘First Kill’ by Barbara Simmons Gnyś. As this book ‘First Kills’ was to be a photo-biography, I was asked to create some choice images, maybe just 5 or 6 for it. Well, the image count quickly grew to 10, then to 20… 30… ending at 48!


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